Tuesday, February 5, 2013

09. Update

Hi. I know I haven't spoken to you guys through this lovely blog in a while, and I'm really sorry for that. I've been getting on Polyvore every day though, even if it's just to go through and like people's sets and things. I feel like you need an explanation as to why I kind of stopped blogging for a while, and I'm totally prepared to give you one. I didn't really want to talk about what was going on in my life, or what IS going on in my life, but if you've taken the time to come here and read this then I think you should know. I've been feeling really sad lately, some have even called it depression, but I don't think it is. I don't think I would ever take my own life or self-harm, but I often wonder what people would do if I did die. Maybe I walked out into traffic, or I got cancer or something terrible of the sort. I wonder who would cry for me. But then I get home, and I go upstairs to my room, and I think of all the terrible things I had to sit through that day. And then I decide I don't have to feel that way, and I turn on my music. Most of the time it's between (prepare yourself, I like a lot of bands) All Time Low, We The Kings, Sleeping With Sirens, Pierce The Veil, Man Overboard, or Memphis May Fire. When I listen to their music it just makes me feel better, and it makes me realize that I have all these reasons to stay alive and be happy about it. Well, at least one for now. And that's Warped Tour. I had so much fun when I went last year, even though I was a noob to the whole idea. This Summer I'm going to be a Warped Vet and hopefully I will get to meet everyone I want and tell them how much they mean to me. And sometimes thinking about my future makes me feel better. I know everyone says don't dwell on the past, don't worry about the future, live in the present; but I'd rather not look at the past because I was an ugly b.itch (and I kind of still am, but let's not talk about that right now), and I don't want to think about the present because that's pretty crappy too, so the only thing I have to be happy about is what the future holds. Growing up, falling in love, too many Warped Tours to count, and even tomorrow I'm going to a concert for two bands called Skinny Lister (opener) and Flogging Molly (headliner). If you haven't heard of them you should go look them up because they're awesome, and you could learn something new about me. Those new things are that I like Irish punk and Sea Shanties. And maybe at some other point I will talk about how I met Skinny Lister at Warped '12 and they were super nice and awesome and we're like besties now. Okay that last part was a lie.

Aww, see I feel like my old self already... I really should have started blogging again a long time ago because it really does make me feel better. Well, I think this is it for this post. And for anyone actually reading this just know, http://bigassmessage.com/ca7fa

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