Saturday, December 15, 2012

02. Why I Am An Awful Bit Of Life

Now it's not like I'm the only one with flaws or bad habits, and I realize that. I do think I have a few friends that really like me for me, and that's cool and all, but there are some people out there that are just annoyed with every little thing that I do. And, yes, since I realize this I try and push myself to become more annoying around them to see that face of frustration that looks like they're giving birth to a Hungarian Horntail. This is one of the reasons why I see myself as a terrible person. Yes, I do things like that. I also bite my lip a lot. Now I know this might be something really cute to some people, but I feel like when I do it I'm just putting everyone around me in serious pain. I just think that when people see me bite my lip they're just thinking "Oh my gawd, look at her. She's trying to be a little Bella. Well it's not adorable, so stop trying batch." Just for the record, I'm not trying to be a little Bella. I actually don't really like Twilight (actually, the only movie I really enjoyed was Breaking Dawn pt. 2 because Bella is more of a living character that has some emotion). I just do that when I'm thinking or when a conversation gets pretty awkward and I want to back away slowly but I feel that would be rude. Another reason I'm just awful at this whole living thing is the fact that I think smart comments solve problems. And sometimes they do solve problems; if those problems are with someone who lacks any creativity and has never even heard of wit. Like on Friday, in Math class, this girl (who shall remain nameless because I don't want the internet to hate her too much) was complaining about a chair. Now the way the tables work is they go in kind of a U shape. They are long rectangular tables, one going the length, one going the width (touching the one going the length) and another one the other side of the room going the length. I sit at the back corner of one going the length. There was an empty chair in the corner behind us, so the guy that sits on the corner of the table going the length pulls it up beside him (and also beside me) to sit his backpack in it. I actually quite liked this idea because I know I hate the filthy floors at my school that just make my backpack nasty. But anyway, this girl is all "Why is that chair right there? It's not supposed to be there. It's too cramped." Now she sits like 4 seats down from me on the table going the length. So, instead of letting the guy handle it, I say "I'm sorry, but is that chair physically hurting you?" And she just looked at me as though I threatened to kill her Grandmother.

So these have been some reasons why I'm just a terrible person. If you enjoyed please let me know either on polyvore (username is emmawillow) or email me (primary email is
If a few people say that they were entertained I might make another one so you can learn a bit more about me.

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