Sunday, December 16, 2012

04. Creating A Wall Of Stuff

If you are a fan of Charlie McDonnell (charlieissocoollike) then you already know what this is. If you do not even know who Charlie is and you have even less of an idea as to what a Wall Of Stuff is, go watch this video. Now I am in the process of creating a Wall Of Stuff because i just think it's awesome, and I want something cool on my wall.
So if you are interested, I am going to tell you what I have to put on my Wall so far. I will make another part when I have more, and I will keep you updated on the Stuff to go on the Wall. So let's get this started. Yeah...
-2 Dave & Buster's Cards don't ask me why I have 2, because I don't really know.
-An old Hot Topic gift card that has Gir eating pizza on it yeah, I'm not really sure why I still have this... I think I got it for like my 10th Birthday... Wow.
-A Hulk Hogen style fake mustache Afton gave this to me when we went to see the Lorax. Thug Life.
-My ticket to the D.C. United vs. New York Red Bulls game that was on my Birthday AUGUST 29TH 2012 we went to the zoo before the game & I saw lots of turtles :3
-A little Equalizing flyer thing that I got at Warped Tour woop gay rights!
-A triangle pattern thing that I made in art class last year I only had a red pen and a little slip of paper and it actually turned out looking awesome... so I think that's an accomplishment.
-A sticker of a banana wearing a bowtie that Afton gave me Bowties are cool :3
-A friendship bracelet that Afton gave me but then in broke so it's going on the wall
-A pink pterodactyl silly band because pterodactyls are cool
-A bracelet made out of folded Starburst wrappers yeah I made it. Like A Boss
-A Jocelyn business card that I got from the ATL show on 11/15 one of the guys from the band was outside the venue and he asked me what kind of music I was into, so I told him, and he handed me his card and told me I might like his music. I still haven't listened to them... I feel so evil.

And yeah, that's it for now. But I will be going through all the crap on my shelves and in the drawers beside my desk to look for anything that should go on the wall of stuff. If you have anything you think should go on the wall of stuff, you can email it to me or if you go to my school you can give it to me tomorrow.

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