Monday, December 17, 2012

07. What It's Like To Be An Angry Hipster Trolling The Internet

Sometimes having almost all of your life on the internet can be difficult. It wouldn't be that way if it wasn't for stupid people who just don't know how to live properly. Sometimes I think I've met people similar to myself, but then I realize how they really are. So this is what my life is like a lot of the time. Are you ready for this? You better be.
-"OMG I ♥ DOCTOR WHO!! I'M SUCH A WHOVIAN!! Oh, um, David Tennant... I know that name, I swear, I just can't put my finger on it..."
(Yeah too late motherfugger they're on their last tour)
And those are just some of the things people say that make me want them to die.
Not I'm not going to give you an entire paragraph about why I think of myself as a Hipster, because that's just not what I'm going to do.
Both of my parents say I talk, act, and even sometimes dress like a Hipster, so therefore I must be one.
But just by the way I look at the situation of people saying things like these makes me realize that I am kind of a Hipster.
So I guess I just gave you and entire paragraph, but you don't see me giving any rat teeth over here.
So if you agree with me, we have each other.
You, me, and the little bit of the internet that hasn't been brainwashed by what they think is cool.

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